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Sheryl Grunde

      Sheryl is a mindfulness based somatic counselor, working with couples and individuals who struggle with self acceptance, clear communication, and healthy lifestyle choices.   Her life perspective, commitment to truth, and non-judgemental acceptance create an atmosphere of curiosity in which her students and clients are comfortable being authentic.  They experience compassionate feedback and warm encouragement to grow, while gaining self awareness that improves relationships with themselves and others.  Sheryl's approach honors the innate wisdom of each unique human experience,  body and spirit.

      Sheryl earned her B.A. in Human Development at UCSD in 1998 and completed the Comprehensive training in Mindful Therapeutic Approaches and Somatic Therapy at the META Institute in Portland, OR in 2021. She works with couples and individuals to rewire conflict and find greater balance and peace in their lives.

      Sheryl has been teaching mindfulness and healthy lifestyle through yoga since 2000. The foundation of her yoga practice began in 1996 with the specific alignment of Iyengar Yoga, and she went on to become a certified teacher in Ananda Yoga in 2000, completing Anusara Teacher Training in 2004. She has spent ten years studying and practicing Traditional Thai Massage, and has helped deliver over 100 babies as a doula.  Sheryl has worked with hundreds of couples and individuals to vastly improve their lives over the last 20 years.

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