Massage Therapy
Intuitive, deep, therapeutic massage nurtures your body and nervous system.  Sheryl offers  Thai Massage, Deep Tissue Release,  and Swedish Massage.  

      Healthy Movement and Communication

     Lead to Physical and Emotional Wellbeing

Holding Hands
Counseling for Couples and Individuals
Expressing how you feel, listening to your partner's experience, and asking for what you want are excellent ways to create healthy intimacy.  Sheryl will help you get to the heart of the matter, creating deeper mutual understanding, leading to greater trust and intimacy.
Yoga Classes with Sheryl
Access a library of Sheryl's yoga recordings to inspire your at-home practice anytime, or check out the schedule of in-person classes in Ashland, Oregon or on Zoom, from wherever you are.  Classes focus on body awareness, stable foundation and balanced core. There are a range of levels, something for every body. 

Sheryl is a mindfulness-based somatic counselor and yoga teacher, guiding couples and individuals into improved health, clarity and self acceptance.    She helps couples to shed light on negative patterns that are hijacking their relationships, so they can work together to create healthy intimacy.  Sheryl uses a process of body centered mindfulness to  teach self observation, helping people to  transform  negative habits into life affirming solutions.  With greater awareness of our own habitual patterns of communication and behavior,  we have more choices and  can create healthy new patterns of relationship with ourselves and others.  She has been sharing alignment based, joyful yoga with her students for over 20 years.

Live Counseling Sessions and Zoom calls, $85/hr.