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Hidden Lane Massage

Jaime Powell, (she/her) LMT#21678


I'm Jaime D. Powell, and as a licensed massage therapist, I use breathwork, myofascial/deep tissue massage, energy balancing, passive/active stretching and nervous system co-regulation techniques in our sessions together. I also weave traditional Thai massage techniques into my sessions, when appropriate.


Over the course of 24 years, my study and practice of human potential has moved from personal fitness training, life coaching, yoga teaching and performance art to massage therapy, ancestral healing and reparative, regenerative studies of personal and collective transformation.


 If you choose to work with me, your body will be the expert and I will be following the verbal and non-verbal guidance that will be communicated in our time together. It would be my greatest honor and delight to work with you.


90 minutes  $130

60 minutes  $90


​We have a 24 hour cancellation policy.

Please give notice if you must cancel or reschedule, otherwise please pay for your session, as we cannot schedule someone into the time we have reserved for you.  

Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage is received fully clothed on a floor mat or futon.   The treatment consists of deep compression, stretching, and joint mobilization.  The effect is a profoundly relaxing experience that encourages greater mobility, fuller breath and subtle awareness of releasing muscle tension.  Clients often remark that they feel as though they just had yoga done for them.  Sheryl's indepth knowledge of the body in motion inform her intuitive flow, as she unwinds tension patterns and brings a sense of ease into your body.

Swedish Massage

Climb into soft flannel sheets, and receive the gift of nurturing touch.  Sheryl's favorite blend of coconut and sesame oils, light to deep pressure, and soothing background music create an overall blissful experience.

Sheryl Grunde (she/her)

LMT# 15681

Sheryl has been practicing massage since 2000 and specializing  in Traditional Thai Massage since 2007. This form of bodywork resonates with her, as it shares roots with the practice of yoga.  As a long time yoga practitioner and teacher, Sheryl understands the body to release tension through movement. This style of massage utilizes joint mobilization, stretching, and deep, attuned pressure to encourage the muscles and fascia to unwind.  She also practices Intuitive Deep Tissue and Swedish massage.  She is trained in Hakomi somatic therapy and takes a holistic approach to healing.  She approaches each person as whole and unique in their experience and seeks to help them find balance in their bodies, minds and spirits.  

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